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BA Shared Topic: My Thoughts on Achievements

This is the January 26, 2009 Blog Azeroth Shared Topic.  Hooray!


Achievements in two words: Addict, ing, and Bonding.  Three words?

Addict – Although I am always pleasantly surprised to gain an achievement on Rayare, I basically spent most of my gold on the few remaining mini pets I needed to get Galileyo to 50 (and I still ended up falling short, mostly because I haven’t spent time on farming rarer drops).  Even though Gal won’t be joining the big crowd in Northrend, it was nice having gold to spend on alts and random frivolities.  And I am way too lazy (read: proud) to think about doing dailies again (that seems pathetic, being the last geared 70 in Azeroth and going off to kill mostly-defenseless Blood Elves with the baby Death Knights).  I am frustrated that I can’t easily obtain the last few that I need to hit 50, and I am nowhere near having enough mounts for the Albino Drake.  Gal is now sitting pretty at 150 gold.

ing – On Ray the achievements are very happy-go-lucky, although I often find myself eying those harder to get achievements (ones I know she’d never be able to get – can anyone say black war bear at level 23??).  Elder Rayare would be pretty snazzy, especially considering my old guild on Onyxia was called the Elders (I was GM).  Ray has a fun time doing random activities that I essentially took for granted on Gal, and is dinging achievements along the way.  Technically, I never experienced my First Honorable Kill Achievement or many of my professions achievements (the night I leveled from min. to max. in first aid on Gal should have been an achievement in its own).

Bonding – I like that I am suddenly noticing all of these little details about my character.  It makes me feel more in tune with them, and I share a deeper bond knowing the intricacies and inner workings of my other selves.  I was extremely proud of Ray when she got her Expert in First Aid achievement last night, and I loved gaining a reputation as the flower child of WSG and AB when I ran around healing and hugging people.  I think the reason why we play a character is because we feel like they are an extension of ourselves, and I am happy proudly showing off my feats.

I quite enjoy rediscovering the joys of my “firsts.”

*Have I mentioned how much I love the lore behind Stromgarde?  Getting to visit as an ally (rather than an antagonist) was a real treat and worth the long run!


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