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Morally Obligated Kitty

Hello hello.  Welcome to Sauteed Sunfish, a blog about being a baby druid in a harsh, morally-challenged, milk-lacking, orc-axe-beating world.  Rayare is currently a level 23 Night Elf druid on the realm Onyxia.  If you recognize the name, that’s because I have blogged before (Troll on a PowerBook, anyone?).  In the meantime I quit WoW, then started playing Alliance just for kicks when Wrath came out.  Coincidentally one of the things I missed most about playing WoW was blogging about WoW.  So now here I am, no longer a ruthless killer and treasure-seeking huntress with a cat—now a still adventure-seeking explorer cat.

A bit about the baby druid: Rayare woke up one morning lost and confused in Menethil Harbor, far away from everything she had known.  The only boats out were to a place called Northrend (the name of which put chills down the spines of those who spoke it), and the only road headed north through the swamp of the Wetlands.  Rayare travelled as far as she could run on her own two legs, and shifted into a beautiful brown bear when she tired.  Eventually she made it to Stormwind, and soon after her permanent home in the Redridge Mountains: Lakeshire.  There she remained, fetching supplies for the townsfolk and ridding the land of harmful beasts that threatened to invade the orc-ravaged town.

One thing about WoW that I realized as a troll is that killing comes naturally.  Usually your first quest as a level one character, no matter your race or class, asks you to kill a number of beasts, whether it be wolves, boars, moths, or nightsabers.  It is from this beginning that we become trained to see only the task at hand, and not beyond to the moral reality of what we are doing.  I am not suggesting that we stop questing, killing, skinning, looting, instancing, and raiding, but that we become aware.  Read the quest text and decide for yourself whether the prize is worth it.  And learn a lot more about lore in the process.

A big thing I stressed when I picked up Rayare in Lakeshire is that she would be very down to earth.  As a druid, she would be able to appreciate nature and the plants and animals that inhabit it.  She is a skinner and an herbalist, able to use everything she can off of the things that she kills.  She also fishes and cooks.  She is learning the consequences of killing just for loot.  Too much killing yields death and a strong lesson for her, so she is learning to use her resources wisely.

With that, she begins her journey through young Night Elf druid adulthood, and we both would like to share it with you from time to time, with lots of Redridge cookin’ insights (mmm Sauteed Sunfish and a glass of cold milk), colorful flowers, and pretty pictures!



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Welcome to Sauteed Sunfish - a blog about playing the "right" way in a morally corrupt Azeroth! I'm Rayare, Horde ex-hunter and baby druid extraordinaire on the realm Onyxia. There be dragons, baby. Dragons.

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