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Morning Dish – First Links and V Day

Goooood morning from rainy Redridge, and welcome to another edition of Morning Dish with your coat-licking, hairball-hacking host….Rayare!

My first piece of exciting (at least for me) news is this:


I really didn’t think I’d start getting linked this fast, especially since I only have about a week’s worth of posts under my belt.  I am very happy, though!  Thanks, Phae!

My second piece of exciting news is even less exciting for you readers, and is really more of a real-life status update:

In two days I will be getting on a(n) airplane gryphon and flying to the far north east (and by that I don’t mean Silvermoon or Quel’danas….somewhere much more snowy)!  This also means that my entire life will be pushed forward three hours.  By the time I actually get to camp for the night I will have been awake for over 36 hours.  Hooray.

Once I am there I will be taking a week of sorta-vacation before moving in and starting classes again, so just expect a bit more quiet from me.  After that, though, I will be back and blogging a lot more frequently than I have.

So, enough of the personal news.  In Azeroth news we have….

A very happy Valentine’s Day!

The somewhat un-nerfing of Beastmastery?  Read here and here.*

And the announced dual-specs.  I am really looking forward to this change, especially with Rayare.  It will be fun to be either feral/balance or feral/tree so I can easily switch off between instances and solo leveling.  At the moment I am very uncomfortable with tanking in bear form (the only tanking experience I have is on a prot Paladin), so I will feel a lot less pressure having the extra option to heal or mana-dps depending on the group make-up.  That being said, I should really learn how to tank as a bear.  Note that they have not made this change for low levels yet, so there may be a wait before I can try this out myself.  Read here and here.

World of Matt-who-lives-on-NZ-with-Gal is sporting a great post about female gaming and the general female experience, written by one of his co-bloggers.  Sydera is also a tree, so extra props and druid love to her.  I’ve always been taken while playing WoW (and still am), so most of the people I play with know that it is not okay if they try and make a move on me (however you do that in Azeroth).  I do get lewd comments, but I expect that it is from the appearance of my character, and not that they know who is underneath.  Rayare’s current guildmates think I am male, though, but only because it has never come up and I really don’t know any of them well enough to tell them otherwise.  I do have to say that it is nice to be dating a guy who plays WoW.  They get you nice things because they love you, not because you have boobs.**

Finally I wanted to mention a post or two from Amava-who-also-lives-on-NZ-with-Gal about raid-boosting.  Not only is he encountering this within his guild, it is with his own girlfriend.  Controversy and drama, yay!  Personally, I do not think his girlfriend’s case was raid-boosting, but it is a very interesting read regardless.  I have also always loved his gold-chart.  Yay!

That’s it for now! 

*Can’t help my hunter roots.

**My current boyfriend does not play WoW, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  There will be a post about that soon.


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