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I have quite a lot of fish to haul and unpack, you know!

Sorry for the delay, everyone. I am still getting settled into college again.  Real content will be incoming shortly!

Love you, Phae, and everything you have done for the druid community and the blogging world.


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Ammendment to the Last Post

We also have gnomes.


I feel a little violated.

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Resto IRL?

I am a freshman in college, and as a part of our yearly curriculum my school has us take two months during the winter to do internships.  Mine is back home in sunny SoCal, working at the La Jolla Historical Society.  Aside from the huge workload and various painful jobs they are making me do (so….many…….papercuts! gasp!), I kind of sit around doing research as a baby archivist and talk to visitors who come in.

There’s an older man who comes into the offices about once a week.  He’s been a volunteer researcher for an enormous amount of years (like many other old people here), so everyone knows him pretty well.  His name is Bob.

Bob does his research at my desk (read: table that I made a ‘Rayare’s Desk’ sign for) and let me tell you – he is just. like. Treebeard!  I am not even kidding, he is a living, breathing Ent!  He breaths very slowly and with a very tree-esque laugh, and he talks ver………..y slow….ly.  He also yawns a lot.

The reason I was suddenly reminded of this awesomeness is because he is currently breathing right next to me.  He’s very nice!

That’s my story.



((The computer is mine, and you can see my little sign.  It is also raining outside.  Rare occurrence.))

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