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Oh Org, Home Sweet Home

So this week Ray worked on her trade skills.  She is now expert in all three secondary skills (fishing, cooking, and first aid), and is only journeyman in herbing.  She also dropped skinning in favor of enchanting, and immediately had enough materials to level in the 100s.  Quite amusing.  It was between her and the bank alt, and I figured she’d eventually be a better option for disenchanting slave than any of my low level Onyxia alts.  And my level 15 hunter on Ony can skin.  I think we’re set there.

The one thing I feel less inclined to level, but am doing so anyway because I gather huge amounts of cloth every time I play her, is first aid.  At the moment she doesn’t really need band-aids because she can just heal in between fights (hooray kitty time).  I can see the advantages of having them, obviously, but even when she gets older (i e Outland and beyond), band-aids are almost too expensive to justify using when she can just HoT herself from time to time.  Unfortunately low level band-aids themselves don’t sell, and plain cloth does.  I’d have to pick between leveling an almost-useless profession and making profit off of all the rogues, hunters*, and mages that can’t heal themselves, not to mention all the cloth-wearing tailoring types.  Just some thoughts.

I still absolutely love fishing, and I spent some time getting the easier fishing achievements.  I ran to Orgrimmar and fished up the Fishing Diplomat, too, which seems like it could be hard, but even at level 23 I know Org so well that it was a peace of cake.  Maybe the guards saw through my Nelfy disguise to the beastly troll within.  Rarr.  I didn’t, however, fish up Old Crafty.  That can wait.  I also loved all the Horde love I was getting.  I was only ganked once, and it was mostly just amusing.  Heh heh heh.  Although I can see where some Alliance would be supremely annoyed, especially once they dump you in the graveyard at Razor Hill (good luck finding your way back, humans).  I know from experience that there is a graveyard in Northern Durotar near the gates of Org.  That’s how we zerge all the Alliance trying to run through the front gates (dumb dumb plan if you want to kill Thrall).  Oh well.

I also realized how much I miss Orgrimmar.  Sniff sniff.

*Hunter shouldn’t need first aid.


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